Terms of Use :

These terms and conditions of use are intended to define the terms of agreement of the Red Castle Extranet (referred to hereafter as the Extranet) and the conditions of use of this service by the Red Castle customer (referred to hereafter as the Customer).

All access and / or use of the Red Castle Extranet requires compliance with all terms of these conditions and of their unconditional acceptance. They therefore constitute a contract between Red Castle and the Customer.

In the case where the Customer does not wish to accept all or part of these terms, he will refrain from any use of this service as well as any use of the documents and photographs made available by it.

  • All documents and photographs and the general content which is made available on the Extranet are the exclusive property of Red Castle.
  • Access to the Extranet is personal to the Customer. It cannot be lent or transferred to a third party.
  • After completing the registration form, the Customer’s registration application must be validated by Red Castle.
  • Once registered, the Customer agrees to download only the photos or documents for products he has on order or which he has in stock.
  • For all practical purposes, it is recalled here that the reference to RED CASTLE products on the Customer’s website should only be used to present Red Castle and its products and should in no case be used to promote the customer’s business or to promote products from other name brands. It is therefore necessary that the customer has sufficient stock available of the RED CASTLE products which he offers for sale in order to meet the needs of his customers.
  • The documents and photographs available from the Extranet are destined for use on the Customer’s website only. For use on any other medium, permission must be sought specifically from Red Castle at the following email address 
  • The Customer undertakes to respect the intellectual property rights of the company RED CASTLE FRANCE as mentioned here above and not to cause it harm, directly or indirectly or through any third party to which it is associated.