The aim of this Marketing Support Tool is to make photos and documents available to our partners in order to meet their communication and traditional media needs.


You must register to use this service. Your personal information can be accessed and modified in ‘Personal info.’ at any time.When you have completed and submitted the registration form, it will then validated by an administrator before you can connect to it and use it. 

You will receive an email confirming that your registration has been validated. You can then connect to and use the Marketing Support Tool.

Viewing files :

To find the files you require, simply choose from the search criteria in the Photo or the Document library. 
You can then add photos and / or documents directly to your basket.

When you have added all the files (photos and / or documents) to your basket, go to "My basket" to download it as a zip file containing all the photos and documents you have added to your basket.

Your basket :

 Your basket allows you to ‘shop’ and add the files you wish to download. When you have completed your selection, simply choose the ‘Download my basket’ option in your basket to retrieve the files placed in it. 

In your basket you will also find a reminder of your previous baskets. You can re-download a zipped file created previously without having to recreate it.

Using the Red Castle Marketing Support Tool :

The Red Castle Marketing Support Tool is subject to terms and conditions of use which you can consult on registering and which you must have agreed to in order to access the entire contents of this Marketing Tool. To view these terms and conditions of use again, click here.